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If you have ever been in a situation, or a relationship, where you have felt continually compelled to prove yourself, then you’ll know that it doesn’t work very well. I honestly believe that God deeply desires to prove himself to man, but how is the best way to do so? The ways in which we attempt to test him are shallow, and unfair. Our “tests” for God are usually ultimatums requiring him to cater to us in some way.

Before the fall, nature would have been a good witness for God, but now it seems to tell two stories. Nature yet testifies of God, but it is also shows evidence that something is very wrong with our world. Besides knowing that God exists, we also need to understand that he is good. Knowledge can be misunderstood, and it can be abused and used in deceptive ways.

Except for the authority to judge all knowledge, with its infinite facets relating to good and evil, God gave the world to Adam and Eve. He gave them practically everything, only withholding something infinitely harmful. Don’t let anyone con you with the shallow idea that this was about sex, for God had already told Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:27-28) to “multiply, and fill the earth.” The forbidden fruit has something to do with the interpretation of all knowledge.

Adam and Eve took from the tree of knowledge, and the harm that God warned them of has befallen us. Now, the world blames God for it. The world can’t go on forever in this condition. How is God supposed to prove his love to a misguided world that cannot be sustained forever in its current state? What if he were willing to die with us, assuring those who will trust him of resurrection and paradise?

According to the Bible record, that’s what God has done. His sacrificial suffering, and death on the cross, proves his love to us in a way that nothing else would, and his resurrection shows us that death is not the end. God is offering us a new world (Luke 23:39-43). By the way, the word “world,” (werald, or weralt) means “old man.” According to the dictionary, it comes from the old English words “wer,” which meant “man,” and “eald,” an ancient spelling of “old.” By the same token, the word “werewolf” simply means wolf man.

Getting back to the subject, this present world is harsh, and unfair in the greatest extremes. It is the contribution of created beings, primarily man, to God’s creation, but this isn’t the final state of things. Whether we accept it or not, God has revealed himself to man (John 1:1-4, and 1:14). His appearance in this world (Christmas) shows us what God is really like. He proves his existence, and the truth of the Bible, by fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies. The remaining prophecies will be fulfilled upon his return to Earth.

Christmas (the sending of Christ) means that someday there will be peace upon the earth. It means that God yet holds good will toward mankind. That was God’s greeting to us in Luke 2:13-14. Christmas means that God isn’t just out there somewhere, but that he is with us. That’s what the term “Emmanuel” means (Matthew 1:22-23, and Isaiah 7:14).

The Septuagint, a Greek version of the Old Testament, was translated in the centuries preceding the birth of Jesus. That is a matter of historical record, and the prophecies concerning the coming Christ were already written there. Christmas celebrates a coming salvation, freedom, and life in an incorruptible paradise. Our loved ones are not gone forever, but we can be reunited with them. This is all real, and has nothing to do with “religion,” That is what Christ’s advent into this world means.

I’m wishing you every good thing, and a whole new world, when I wish you Merry Christmas. Please don’t let any of a million things keep you from receiving Christ. When Jesus was born into my life, he entered a place much more unpleasant than a dirty stable.

Whatever we say in this life must be said in few words, and this post is already long. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year


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