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I think it’s safe to assume that most of those who read my previous post will disagree with the opening statement, or at least be skeptical of it. That is because most of us have been educated in a system that not only rejects the Bible, but also censors scientific interpretations which appear to align with the Bible. The general agreement which exists between evolutionary geologists and the Bible goes unnoticed because a statement like mine would be blocked by censors.

Ben Stein’s documentary “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” which I recommend, exposes only a drop in a bucket. In elementary school, picking up my graded science test at a teacher’s desk, I confessed to her that I believed in evolution. I was very surprised when her answer was, “Well, I don’t.” I had no idea before that time that teachers are often forced to teach things they disagree with. For several years of my life, I was convinced by the books I read as well as our culture, that all educated people believed in evolution.

I did come to realize prior to seeing “Expelled,” that the bias confronted in the movie is everywhere. To keep his job, a biology teacher at our high school was forced to remove magazines on creation science from his desk. He had been allowing interested students to borrow them to view on their own time, and someone complained about it. I personally never saw any books or literature on Creationism until I was in my mid-twenties. The list goes on and on.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, my high school chemistry teacher was a staunch evolutionist. He taught that we are a product of chemical processes and that we have no soul. As far as I know, he was never censored for his views. Geologists today have been conditioned by their educational environment to interpret the data from an evolutionary viewpoint.

I want my statements concerning the parallels between modern geology and the biblical record of Noah’s flood to be as blunt as possible. I am trying to show that the Bible and Science are in agreement on the actual facts, and that human disagreements practically always involve details about how the facts should be interpreted. I was careful to note in my post (The Story in Stone) that most geologists disagree with the Bible when it comes to the details. Most of the confusion lies in the details.

According to the old saying, the Devil is in the details, and that is truly where he does most of his work. We truly cannot see the forest for the trees, and often miss the big picture because it in hidden by a maze of details. Geologists, as well as other scientists, often disagree with each other about details, but here is the big picture; in this case it is a seascape.

The following facts are from secular and evolutionary sources. The ocean at present covers around seventy percent of the earth, but the oceans are thought to have once been much more shallow. Of the less than thirty percent remaining, about seventy-five percent of the land area of the continents is blanketed by sedimentary stone. Sedimentary rock is formed in areas that were once covered by water.

You can find this information on sedimentary stone in virtually any book or website about rock formation. Somewhere in the details they will tell you that sedimentary products of erosion were carried into ancient lakes and seas where they hardened into stone. You will have to dig much deeper into the details to find that mud can turn to stone very quickly under the right conditions. This is a fact that doesn’t fit well with evolution, and won’t often be mentioned. Rock can harden much like concrete and doesn’t require millions of years in order to form.

Subtracting the area of Earth now covered by water, and the areas where there are layers of sedimentary stone once covered by water, only a small percentage of the surface of the earth remains to be discussed. Here you might find that geologists would disagree among themselves whether it is correct to say that these areas were also once covered by water.

The Hawaiian islands didn’t exist prior to the time when ancient mud flows became the layers of stone. Magma flows that started beneath the ocean created these islands. The fact is that the area where Hawaii now is, was once underwater even though most of the stone is now volcanic.

The Rocky Mountains, and other such mountain chains, were raised by tectonic forces generated by shifting of the earth’s continental plates. The southern Rockies consist largely of metamorphic rock forced upward through layers of limestone and other sedimentary rock. That sedimentary rock was laid down under an ancient sea, therefore the area where these mountains now exist was once covered by water.

Metamorphic rock is rock that has been transformed from other types of stone (often sedimentary). We need to keep that in mind as we search for some place that hasn’t been covered by water at some point. To make a long story short, I haven’t been able to find such a place.

Attempting to explain geological features that can’t be accounted for by seafloor spreading and isostasy, some scientists propose that in addition to the ice age, the earth was completely covered by ice and snow at an earlier time. The hypothesis called “Snowball Earth,” offers an explanation for sedimentary deposits in tropical areas that are generally regarded as glacial. I’m not sure to what degree we can isolate glacial features from all others. Scars (striations) formed by rock embedded in ice scraping across bedrock can also be formed by flows of mud.

Some scientists say that volcanoes would have made Earth more mudball than snowball. They argue for a “Slushball Earth” instead. I haven’t seen the term “Mudball Earth,” used very much but that’s what it really was. The bottom line is that geologists agree with the Bible, that the earth has been covered by water.

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Geologists agree with the Bible that the entire earth has been covered by water at some point. While there is disagreement over the details, it is yet very strange that such an ancient book as Genesis would agree with modern geology on this major point.

The book of Genesis, complete with its scientific name, is actually a much more scientific book than is commonly recognized. The major difference between the “old geology” and the new, is the commonly accepted time scale. Although evolutionary geologists agree that the earth has been covered by water, they don’t believe that all of the earth was ever submerged at the same time.

The primary reason for not believing in one catastrophic flood is that it doesn’t fit very well with evolutionary philosophy. Evolutionary thinking has controlled most of our systems of education for so long that its teachings are accepted without question. The story written in the stone beneath our feet is automatically misread because of this bias.

We’ve heard the words “millions of years,” repeated millions of times, but we don’t hear very much about how the layers of sediment in the earth came to be where they are. That is because evolutionists don’t have a good explanation for the sedimentary layers of stone. They theorize that while one great area of the earth sank beneath the ocean, another area was uplifted, and as that area later sank, the first area rose above water again, and that this cycle has repeated itself multiple times.

They don’t use these words, but evolutionary geologists actually believe that many great catastrophic floods have occurred. When they explain that they see no evidence of a world-wide flood, they are speaking of only the top few superficial feet of earth. Just underneath the surface lie layers of limestone, shale, sandstone and coal, hundreds of feet thick in places, that have been deposited by water. Some of these layers cover thousands of square miles, even extending from one continent to another. This is the evidence of Noah’s flood. Before the Grand Canyon was carved through some of these layers, the rock layers had first been deposited there by the waters of the Genesis flood.

How could the ancient writers of Genesis possess sufficient geological knowledge to reach a conclusion of such magnitude? It is as if geologists several thousand years ago, without training in modern schools, collected data from around the world and concluded that the earth had experienced a world-wide flood. We know that isn’t how the story of the flood originated, so where did that idea come from?

It isn’t enough to suggest that some ancient storyteller made a lucky guess. That story would have to circulate among all tribes of ancient people and convince most of them of its truth. The idea of a world-wide flood is present in histories (in the form of myths) of most ancient civilizations. The most logical explanation for the layers of sedimentary stone, the fossils they contain, the accounts of a great flood in myths, and the Genesis record, is that Noah’s flood actually happened.

Noah and his family survived that flood. and his descendants passed the story to later generations. The story told in the book of Genesis is the same story that is written in the stone beneath our feet.

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