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Man is quick to think the wrong things about God. We are more likely to blame God when things go wrong than to admit that man is the cause (ref. “A Random World” in my Sept. 2010 archives). Man sows the wind, and reaps the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7). To paraphrase Matthew 18:7, Jesus said that tragic events are unavoidable, but woe to those who cause them.

Though the consequences of our actions are farther reaching than we can imagine, that is not saying we are to blame individually for all that happens in our own lives. I don’t believe that at all. We live in neighborhoods, countries, and a world that is deceived by fallen angels. We inherit problems from our ancestors all the way back to Adam and Eve. Whether we know it or not, God is the best friend we have. He is not willing for anyone to perish (2nd. Peter 3:9). No matter how it may seem, the destruction of the old world by a flood does not change that fact.

I haven’t written much about the violence of the days of Noah. Genesis 6:11 says that the earth was, “filled with violence.” That doesn’t give us any details, but people of today should understand that statement. We should be able to fill in the blanks fairly well. Human beings can become so alienated from others that there is no reconciling them. Lies and misunderstandings often lead to senseless violence.

Jesus said that wars and such things must happen (Mark 13:7). Someone set the stage, and the course of history, and some things become unavoidable. Every life is precious; the tragedies that we witness in our lifetimes tell us this again and again. The words of the old saying, “You never know what you’ve got till it’s gone,” are some of the truest ever spoken. I don’t think we could ever grasp the value of life without seeing it in the shadow of the moment.

At the same time, I don’t think we’ll be able to fully appreciate life until we see it in the light of eternity. We are looking at life in the present; God sees each life in terms of forever. Every day is precious, but if we must lose today, God is able to give us forever in its place.

I doubt that we would be here today if the flood had not happened when it did. I think there were things happening in Noah’s day that would have soon resulted in the complete annihilation of man. Jesus predicted a time of tribulation (Mark 13:20), yet in the future, when “no flesh” would be saved unless God “shortened those days.” That sounds as if God must cut time short to keep us from totally destroying ourselves. There is a time when God must let man have his way, and there is a time when God must intervene.

As far as my part goes; so many things that seem unavoidable have happened recently that I have had to fight to write. I have no idea why so much is going on. God only knows whether I could have made much better use of my time. I believe in prayer, and I appreciate the encouragement that I often get. Only God knows which things are truly unavoidable so keep praying.

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We know from the Bible that angels are able to alter their appearance, and can appear human if they desire. The words “angels,” and “men,” are often used in speaking of them in the same section of scripture (Genesis 18:1,2,16,22, and 19:1 plus 19:12-16). They can eat food that humans consume (Genesis 18,8, and 19:3). Notice in Genesis 19:16 that they can physically take someone by the hand to lead them.

Fallen angels could easily deceive humans into worshipping them as gods. Without doubt they have much to do with the origins of myths. In reporting historical interactions between humans and fallen angels, early man would have been limited in much the same way as we would be today. Human beings are restricted by incomplete knowledge, and it is practically always necessary to fill in the blanks. The results can add up to a great deal of confusion.

UFO records released in recent years by the governments of several countries (the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, plus several others) provide a good illustration of this. Many reports by military personnel, air traffic controllers and such, are solid testimony that something extraordinary is out there. On the other hand, pranks, hoaxes, psychological illusions, plus many cases of natural phenomenon and man-made objects mistaken for UFO’s, tend to throw doubt upon their reality.

The evolutionary idea is that intelligent life has evolved elsewhere in the universe and is visiting the earth. The theory of evolution however, is itself no more than a firmly established modern myth. It combines scientific facts relating to natural selection, once more plainly called heredity, and adaptation, with imaginative beliefs about those facts.

Fallen angels, at the very least, play an inspirational role in all these things. The word “inspire” actually comes from the word “spirit.” It is a more literal term than we usually understand. A general reason for creating so much confusion could be simply to keep human beings in the dark, and to create conflicts. When people don’t know what to believe, they grasp at straws; they imagine a lot of things. Those who seek the truth must sift through endless nonsense in the search for reality.

It seems to me that government cover-ups of UFO information have been more about what they don’t know than what they do. In other words, they have more than enough information to know that something is going on, but they’re not sure what it is. I don’t think that governments have wanted us to know how interested they are in UFOs.

I personally doubt that any government has a crashed UFO in its possession, though I suppose that fallen angels could create material objects if God let them do so. In John 4:24, Jesus said that God is a “Spirit,” yet this material universe was created by him. I don’t know why angels, who are also “spirits,” couldn’t make use of matter if God endured that degree of tinkering.

Open interaction between angels and man seems rare to me today compared to the time before Noah’s flood. There would have been very few atheists back then due to common knowledge of God’s recent creation. The activities of the fallen angels in the ancient world seem to be more about pretending to be gods themselves.

If you seek to separate fact from fantasy, there are some interesting underlying structures that can be seen in the myths. Broadly, myths from around the world testify that: (1) the world was created by a supreme being; (2) paradise was lost and death originated when a falsehood was believed; (3) people once lived much longer than today; (4) supernatural beings (gods, giants, etc.) once interacted frequently with man; (5) the old world was destroyed because of the evil of mankind; (6) only a few people survived a worldwide flood and the cataclysms involved; (7) a ship carrying these people landed high on a mountain, and the world was repopulated from there.

Thus the myths are a distorted retelling of historical events that ancient people were aware of. The distorted fantasy of the myths leads atheists today to deny the historic reality contained in them. Modern man subsequently tosses the Bible, which gives us the truth of these things, in with the myths.

The fallen angels are malignant tricksters. Foremost on their agenda is the destruction of man, and the way to destroy man is to deceive him. The fallen angels want to take mankind down with them, knowing that the way to hurt God is through his children. The most hateful thing that can be done is to deceive God’s children and turn them against him. That is the fallen angels way of  “getting back” at God.

I haven’t enjoyed writing on these recent subjects. I think I’ll next try to explain why I’ve spent so much time on the pre-flood happenings of chapter six of Genesis.

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