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I find several problems when we try to present the evidence for God. If we go into detail concerning a particular fact, then time may limit us to presenting that one fact. One lone fact isn’t usually going to accomplish very much, especially in a world that disputes every word of the Bible. If we try to create a long list, then the presentation will suffer from a lack of detail.

It’s like an unfinished  painting where all you have is a background color, with a little detail here and there. You can’t tell what it is. The vastness of the subject makes it much more difficult also. The Bible describes it as line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, and there a little. The result of this is that we make a little progress, and then we fall back, just as the Bible says (Isaiah 28:13). I don’t believe God is any more satisfied with that than we are.

I’m beginning work on a long list, and I’ll try to refer you to another post, if I have one, to try to fill in some detail. If I don’t have anything substantial, then I will try to work on that, or reference some other work. I’m not going to try to list everything. Many things are already fairly well covered in existing books on Intelligent Design and Creationism.

You won’t find too many of them in the Public Libraries, since even librarians practice censorship when it comes to these books. Most Christian bookstores, and some others, will carry some of them. In no particular order, here is the beginning of a partial list of evidences for God.

1. The Bible clearly speaks of a difference between our atmosphere (Genesis 1:20), calling it the “face of the firmament,” (NKJV) where birds fly, and the vacuum of space beyond, (Genesis 1:14) where the sun, moon, and stars are located. The book of Genesis was written several thousand years ago, when man could not have known of the difference between the sky, and airless space beyond.

2. “Shamayim,” the Hebrew name for the heavens, is a plural word. In 2nd. Corinthians 12:2-4, Paul speaks of someone caught up to the “third heaven” where God dwells. This is further evidence of knowledge of an atmosphere, outer space (the 2nd. heaven), and another heaven where God dwells. Scientists know there is more out there that we can’t “see.” They think that “Dark Energy,” and “Dark Matter” make up 95% of the universe. I’m not going to say that the third heaven the Bible speaks of, accounts for the missing matter and energy, but science certainly seems to agree with the Bible here. I’ve seen some debate about whether the dark energy and matter is actually another dimension.  Scientific data is misinterpreted about as often as the Bible, so I don’t want to be too dogmatic about current scientific theories here.

3. The Biblical comparison of God to light is actually a scientific comparison that shows an underlying knowledge of physics (my “page” called “Trinity,” has some detail on this). John, who makes that comparison in the Bible, is also the writer who tells us the most about the trinity of God.

If a writing gets too lengthy, information becomes buried in the sheer volume, so I’ll continue this list a little later. I hope to eventually list several dozen evidences that are usually overlooked.


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Why doesn’t God come to each of us visibly, and try to get us to follow him? Why come to us as a quiet voice in the back of our minds?  Why doesn’t he simply force us to obey? It is because forced obedience isn’t true obedience, and followers that are on a leash aren’t there because they love you. In order for us to support God’s cause, it must become our cause. It has to be something that we believe in.

God could force the world to its knees any time he chose, but that wouldn’t change our hearts. The only relationship that God is completely satisfied with is totally voluntary. God could have guarded the Tree of Knowledge night and day, and Adam and Eve wouldn’t have been able to touch it. I think that would only have created a greater hunger for it sooner or later, and Satan would have been able to make his argument even stronger. When Adam and Eve swallowed his line about becoming like gods through knowledge, Satan then began to suppress the knowledge of good.

That is where we find ourselves today. Why do Communist, or Islamic countries make it a crime for Christians to distribute Bibles, or engage in intellectual discourse with others? Why do the intellectually elite in our country attempt to do the same thing? Why do the spiritually elite in so many churches suppress creationism, and an open discussion of the Bible?

Why were there no science books by creationists in the libraries of the schools I attended? Why didn’t I learn that there are scientists who believe the Bible until I was nearly thirty years old? Why did the book on creationist science that I donated to the Public Library remain in a storage room for several months? Why was it then filed in the Religion section instead of under Science, only to disappear a few months later? I didn’t even see it in their used book sale.

How frustrating it must be to God to know the truth and not be allowed to share it. How often his Spirit must be grieved by the behavior of his own people (Ephesians 4:30), and quenched by their silence (1st. Thessalonians 5:19). Why send an imperfect people to try to persuade others? It is because the message we are to bear is that of the Lord’s sacrifice, and his grace for those who will believe him.

I have often been encouraged when I read about the faults of Simon Peter, and many others in the Bible. When I see how the Lord put their faults behind him and used imperfect people, it gives me hope for myself. There are many reasons why the Lord uses the methods that he does. From a distance, his ways might not seem to make much sense, but look a little closer, and the picture will grow more clear. God reveals himself to us in the least threatening way that he can.

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God couldn’t live with us without dying. Here and there, in my posts, I’ve said a few negative things about the church. Churches are made up of people, and people are imperfect. I’m not alone in complaining about the negatives of the church. If you study the Bible, you’ll notice there’s a lot in the Bible addressing the shortcomings of believers.

Regardless of our problems, there are many things “right” about the church. This song is intended to illustrate some of what God sees in believers, and in the church, and how he manages to live with us. “Elect lady,” is the apostle John’s name for the church (Second John 1:1), but the symbolism is used throughout the Bible.

I stumbled upon something this morning that I think is very beautiful. In my post, “Crystal, Chrysalis, and Christ” (in the July archive), I wrote about some of the underlying wordplay used in the Bible. I mentioned that the Greek word for “Lord” is “Kurios.” I noticed this morning that the Greek word for “Lady” used in 2nd. John 1:1 is “Kuria,” which is the feminine form of “Kurios.” I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed that before.

The Elect Lady

She believes with all her heart that he’s the only one
That Jesus is God’s only son
That he’s the only one with the power to forgive
That he died for all so she can live

She has kept his words, the letters from the past
He has promised to return at last
So she won’t hear the voice of any other sage
She will wait for him until the end of the age

God has spoken for the elect lady
And in time he’ll show her in white
And he’ll shower her in Heaven and in Earth
For when he called, she came to his side
Like a bride

Sometimes she mourns like Job with ashes in the air
Sometimes she walks in dust, in sackcloth prayer
Longing for a better world that only he can bring
His church will walk with him in white for he’s her king

And God has spoken for the elect lady
And in time he’ll show her in white
And he’ll shower her in Heaven and in Earth
For when he called, she came to his side
Like a bride

She’ll be the bride of Christ
She knows he’s back alive
She’s the bride of Christ
She wants to be by his side
She’ll be the bride of Christ
She knows she’s why he died
He was dying for her sin, to see her white
Like a bride
(slow) God has spoken for the elect lady

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Mankind wants a random world. When you don’t want a world governed by God, a random world would be the only alternative. You would have a world where the competition for control would result in endless struggles. Eventually, the world would either face annihilation, or fall to a world dictator such as the Antichrist. Since we didn’t want God to be God, and took from the Tree of Knowledge, he has allowed us to experience such a world.

I don’t like the word “allow.” That seems to imply that God was willing for these things to happen. I don’t think there is a word that conveys the correct thought. It isn’t as if God had much choice. He could have limited our intelligence to the level of our fellow creatures, or not have created at all. He could have created robotic creatures with no freedom of thought, but why would God want robots? Would I want my wife to not have freewill? Real love cannot exist without freewill.

It is very often frustrating that others have a mind of their own. The drivers of all those other cars on the freeway try to go where they want to go. We get in each others way. Sometimes there are accidents. God didn’t cause it, and he didn’t really allow it. He didn’t build the cars, or the freeway. He did give us enough intelligence to do it ourselves. All the drivers out there on the freeway are driving to suit themselves, and they resent it if a policeman falls in behind them.

Some don’t believe that God is there, working to minimize the damage, but he is. I’ve been in several accidents of different sorts. I was a very reckless kid, and I ran with a reckless crowd. I think now that God intervened on several occasions when I could have been killed or seriously injured. I’ve had friends who were killed, and others badly hurt. I’ve seen the pain suffered by their families and friends in their wake, and it caused me to rethink my own dangerous behavior.

The Bible teaches that before the fall of man, there was no such thing as death. Neither we nor the carnivorous creatures were originally intended to eat meat, but only plants (Genesis 1:30, Isaiah 11:7). After the fall of man, deviations from the original design began to occur. Devolution began to take place. The word “devils,” is from the same root as “deviation,” and I’m not sure to what extent the Devil was able to tinker with the genetics of creation, but the effects are disastrous. “Evil,” and “ill,” are words from the same origin as “devil.”

As disease and hunger became realities, other creatures began to feed upon the fallen. It would only be a small step for creatures that began to feed on fallen creatures, to begin to hunt them. If a lion was hungry, why would it wait for a creature to die?

I don’t envy God at all. It’s very hard to step aside when someone you love is making a move that will hurt them, but sometimes you must. At a certain point, a human being will begin to feel enslaved if nearly every move they make is restricted, and even greater harm can result. Sometimes even God has to let go. It’s a crucifying thing to experience, but there’s no way around it.

God has the most difficult of jobs to do. I’m thankful he doesn’t quit. He became a man, and stuck with the plan conceived before the foundation of the world, to bear the cross and make a way for his creation to enter paradise, a world that random deviations will never spoil. Someone could object to my use of the word “random” when obviously much of the deviation is intentional. The fallout of all the intentional deviation does contribute to the random effect however.  Some of my lyrics might fit fairly well here. The phrase “world without end” is from Ephesians 3:21, in the King James translation.

World Without End

This world will pass away
The builders are tearing down
Destroying the foundations
Of the very ground
Children play in broken glass
Shattered windows of the home
Some are crying in the ruins
For the Lord Jesus to come
If we let Him live in our world
He will let us live in his
His heart’s already open
To give everything there is, in the

World without end
Without an end
Go and tell a friend
There’s a world around the bend
World without end
Go and make a friend
Compel them to come in
For there’s a world without an end

Don’t you want only the good
Don’t you want a world that’s safe
Do you want to walk on the edge
Of the night and the day
Even if we reach the top
This world still has an end
For we’ll all run out of time
And we’ll fall to earth again
For we all are like the grass
The flower of it fades
Such fragile life as we
Can only live among the glades, of the

World without end
Without an end
Go and tell a friend
There’s a world around the bend
World without end
Go and make a friend
Compel them to come in
For there’s a world without an end

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