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I don’t want to ever get over how odd it is that life exists. In all the hustle, it’s easy to forget the wonder. “It’s strange to be alive isn’t it.” Those are not my words.  They were spoken to me by a child, just out of the blue.

The Bible says there are things hidden from the wise, and revealed unto babes. (Luke 10:21) There are things children can grasp, and adults can forget. Matthew 21:16 says, “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise.” That is a New Testament quote from Psalms 8:2 in the Old Testament. The King James translation in Psalms 8:2 uses the phrase “ordained strength,” instead of “perfected praise.” Most modern versions read similar to the KJV.

The New Testament quote is probably from the Septuagint; the 250 B.C. Greek translation of the Hebrew “Old Testament.” It’s one of the versions that the New Testament writers quoted from. The Septuagint seems to have been translated from manuscripts that we no longer have. I think it’s a remarkable book because of that, and several other reasons.

It’s very strange to be alive. I would say, “strange, and wonderful,” but it isn’t always wonderful. Sometimes it is horrible. This is not a world that would be good to live forever in. If we could, we would probably choose a time in our lives, and just stay there. Somewhere nearby though, someone is hoping and praying for the end to come.

Life can sometimes be worse than death. Revelation 9:6 says, “In those days men shall seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.” It looks as if science is determined to loose the plagues that are foretold in the Revelation.

I did a ‘search’  to see how the Living Computer research is proceeding. I wasn’t surprised to find that science has created a “brain”. It was explained as a dish with electrodes in a grid, overlaid with the living cortical neurons from rats. The neurons reconnect themselves, forming a living network that can be used as a trainable computer. They don’t say if the rat had any thoughts about it. I also saw where scientists are finding applications for the living computers that are bred from E. coli bacteria.

There were two trees in the midst of the garden of Eden; the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Daath. “Daath,” as you know, is the Hebrew word for knowledge. Eve, whose name means “Life,” could have eaten from the Tree of Life, but chose the Tree of Science instead. “Science,” as you know, is the Latin word for knowledge. So Adam and Eve have fed us from the Tree of Death.

I don’t know how far God will allow science to go. I’ve read where Science is considering the possibility of extending life indefinitely. So we’re still hearing a voice from the Tree of Knowledge saying, “You shall not surely die.” At some point, living on earth would become worse than death if science were to achieve all of its goals. What if you were in the hands of terrorists, and could not even die to escape your tortures?

It would not be good to live forever in this world. The new world that God will usher in is another story. Remember that Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” (John 14:6)

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I don’t want to undermine the faith anyone has in Jesus. Sometimes, the truth can be easier to swallow, a piece at a time rather than all at once. I know people who have accepted Christ, but hold some evolutionary ideas. At the same time, evolution is one of the greatest obstacles to trusting the Bible. Therefore, I think evolution should be exposed as the deception that it is.

The Bible may not primarily be a science book, but here’s what we could expect, if it is what it claims to be. You would expect it to be written for people in various conditions, from primitive to advanced civilizations. You should find some things in the Bible that would only be properly understood by people in the context of their own time. Here and there, you should find a scientific statement that would appear to be supernatural, until a certain level of knowledge has been achieved.

That is exactly what you find in the Bible. I find it very remarkable that every argument against God is anticipated somewhere in the Bible. The global flood is one such case. Noah’s flood is a scientific ( and historical ) explanation for the geological state of the earth. One reason the evidence for Noah’s flood is overlooked, is that most investigators are thinking far too small. The geology of the earth is a jumble of details. Much attention is focused on these details; yet evolutionists lack a satisfactory explanation for the millions of cubic miles of mud and sand that formed the sedimentary layers.

Different geographical locations flooded at different times under different environmental conditions. Some flooding was by fresh water, from forty days and nights of hurricane-like rains, as the “fountains of the great deep” were “broken up.” Other flooding was by salt water as tsunamis swept over the lands. In some places, many yards of snow and ice would have formed glaciers. Geology proves all of these things have happened, but it all makes the best sense when you accept a global flood. Such a flood would have left many layers of stone, containing fossils from different areas. Each sedimentary layer is evidence of catastrophe. It took a lot of mud to cover whole herds of dinosaurs in many different parts of the world.

Secondary localized flooding is an explanation for many of the features of the earth. The global flood left huge inland seas covering much of the earth. Some of these bodies of water eventually broke through their earthen dams creating such features as the Grand Canyon. Layers of stone left by the mudflows of the global flood were exposed. Shallow lakes were left behind that evaporated leaving salt flats. The Great Salt Lake is one of these bodies of water that didn’t evaporate.

It is because of the “devil in the details” that modern geology can deliberately ignore this fact, … “the world that then existed was deluged with water and perished.”

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When I was around eleven years old, I found some beautiful fossils in a clay bank on a hillside. There were several fossilized seeds, and small flower buds. I’ve always wanted to go back to look for more. I told an old farmer about them, but he already knew they were there. He smiled and said “Noah’s flood.” When I told him what I’d been studying in school about evolutionary geology, he looked saddened, and repeated, “Noah’s flood.” The old farmer is much older now, and I’m glad he knows that I no longer disagree with him.

At the time however, I could explain my belief much better than he could defend his. One person may be better educated than another, and better able to convince others, but that doesn’t always mean they’re right. Though it’s true, I see the weakness in that statement, and those of us who could do better, ought to be doing so. I hope to post something on what the Bible says about our failure soon.

I have an old 1971 set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s that I have kept. An article relating to the layers of sedimentary rock says, “No satisfactory explanation exists for the millions of cubic miles of sediment that formed these layers.” The author says that to think of these layers as being “oceanic,” boggles the mind. I’m quoting this from memory, and I realize that such honest statements would by now probably be weeded out.

The term “Isostasy,” often comes up in an explanation for the layers. “Isostasy,” refers to the way the tectonic plates of Earths crust “float” on the asthenosphere.  They’re saying that the land rose out of the ocean, then sank underwater, and then bobbed back up again, until an equilibrium was reached over millions of years. That would mean that the land rose up, and certain types of life evolved that were then fossilized as the land sank again under the flood of Ocean waters. Then other types of animals evolved when the land emerged again. The process is repeated over, and over until all the layers are accounted for.  ( Keep in mind that these layers sometimes match up to layers on other continents, so we’re not talking about a small area. ) So the bottom line is that evolutionists believe in many great floods, ( whether they will admit it, or not ) that didn’t quite cover the whole world.

I should say here that most “Young Earth Creationists,” accept the principles of Isostasy, and Tectonics, but they disagree on the amount of time involved. Evolutionists would speak of “Continental Drift,” over a long period. Creationists would be more likely to think of it as a “Continental Shift,” that occurred at some stage of Noah’s flood. Certain areas, such as the Himalayas, have not reached isostatic equilibrium, so geologists propose other reasons to explain their heights. They think their elevation is being affected by the force of the collision with the Indian plate. “Young Earth Creationists,” would not be a bit surprised to find Mount Everest still growing from the force of a fairly recent collision with India. At some point though, you would have a rebound effect. If the Earth is only thousands of years old instead of millions, it would tend to be much less stable.

There’s no way the evidence for Noah’s flood could be hidden, except by reinterpreting the sedimentary layers in a new way. It’s a stroke of genius to have the majority of professing Christians looking at the superficial rock layers for evidence of a recent flood.  In reality, the evidence is the many sedimentary layers containing what were once living creatures. They can’t see the evidence for the flood because of all the mud.

The Bible predicts our modern rejection of Noah’s flood. In 2nd. Peter 3:5, the Revised Standard Version says,”They deliberately ignore this fact, that by the word of God, heavens existed long ago, and an earth formed out of water …, through which the world that then existed was deluged with water and perished.” Back in verse 3;3 we’re told that this will be the prevailing attitude in the “last days.” It’s a testimony to the creativity of the human mind that evolutionary geologists, especially those who are Christians, can basically ignore this, and work around it. The Bible offers the best explanation for the rock layers. The millions of cubic miles of sediment were laid down by the global flood.

There’s a lot more I’d like to say about this, but it will have to wait. One more thing though; we’re all looking at the same facts, but we are interpreting them in different ways. What the evolutionist thinks about the rock is not the “fact.” The rock itself is the “fact.” We all pretty much agree on the facts. It is in the area of our opinions concerning the facts that we differ.

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First Corinthians 1:25, …”The  foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” I’ve mentioned this verse before, but I want to focus on one word that’s not usually applied to God, except by scoffers. In this verse, and all through this section of the Bible, the apostle Paul is playing with the Greek word, “Moria.” Most Jewish persons reading this in the Greek language would recognize that this word was derived from the “land of Moriah,” in Genesis 22:2 where Abraham and Isaac journeyed. Somewhere back in time, someone scoffing at this story in Genesis must have used this word in a mocking way, and it became a synonym for foolishness. (See the page “the Messiah,” for more info on Moriah)

The Septuagint translates ” the land of Moriah,” as “the high land.” Mt. Moriah is thought to be the place where Solomon later built the temple of God.  Abraham was told to go to one of the mountains in the area, probably the very hill where Jesus was later crucified. This is the setting where the highest, and hardest thing that God ever did took place. We like to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and it certainly serves as proof of his divinity, but the resurrection was a piece of cake. The hard labor of God was in his crucifixion, and death. The trinity of God was literally torn in twain.

I have a melody to go with these lyrics, but I’m not totally satisfied with it, and can’t present it very well. I’m just going to put the lyrics down here.

The Hard Work of Love

Love can become labor
and Eden’s far behind
but it will all be worth it
in the world that’s beyond time.
We should love the Lord with all our heart
and others as our own
but even if our love feels weak
let’s keep on keeping on.

Way down here in this land of trouble under the sun
here’s where the hard work of love is done.
Sometimes love can leave you nowhere to run.
Sometimes the hard work of love must be done.

Some will think that it ain’t love
if you don’t give ’em what they want
and you find yourself cursed if you do
just as well as if you don’t.
Some will hate you like an enemy
if you care enough to tell the truth.
And they’ll swear that there is no such thing
like I did in my youth.

Way down here in this land of trouble under the sun
here’s where the hard work of love is done.
I’ve grown up to learn that love is not all fun.
Sometimes the hard work of love must be done.

He made the worlds in six short days
didn’t even raise a sweat
but in the garden he sweated blood
and the trouble isn’t over yet.
Mary’s in the pain of a mother below
as they crucified the Son of Love.
Did you ever wonder who suffered the most
Jesus or the Father above?

Way down here in this land of trouble under the sun
here’s where the hard work of love is done.
But there will be a rest later on
after the hard work of love is done.

The meaning of the phrases, “ foolishness of God,” and ” weakness of God,” can be distilled down to pure love. A great deal can be summed up by another three words from 1st. John 4:16, “God is love.”

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I’m sure a lot of people in various churches will initially disagree with what I’m going to say here, but I think we’re giving people the wrong picture of God. Studies on God’s sovereignty are popular right now, and the same study materials seem to pop up everywhere. If someone were to ask any questions, or want to get into this a little deeper, your “spirituality” would immediately be in question. In the typical study, the Devil’s role in the world is reduced to that of a mere pawn in the hand of God; mankind is said to exist only for God’s pleasure, and a few supporting Bible verses are given. This is the idea the Atheists are picking up on, and using in all their arguments against God.

We might be told that “God’s ways are higher than ours,” and that man cannot understand, but can only have faith.  I think that is true at a certain point, but I also think that is precisely why God became a man. Man cannot comprehend God in his glory, therefore God came way down to become one of us, to give us a true understanding of himself. It’s great to exalt and praise him, but that is not what he means by “lifted up ,” in John 12:32-33. “He is despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” These words are from the prophecy of Christ in Isaiah 53:3, and this doesn’t sound as if God is unaffected by the freewill of man.

In Genesis 32:24-30, when Jacob is alone, “a man” comes and wrestles with him all night long. At some point in the struggle, Jacob realizes that there is something very different about this “man.” By the time dawn draws near,  Jacob is not trying to defeat the man but to hold onto him. He says, ” I will not let you go unless you bless me.” Jacob couldn’t actually have held onto God, but that was what God wanted. God had won the battle. When the man was gone, Jacob said, ” I have seen God face to face.” God wrestles with each and every one of us; if he wins, he lets us win. When we surrender to him, we win.

I think God is much more like us than we understand. He experiences emotions, and desires even apart from walking this world as a man. The Bible says his Spirit can be “grieved,” or “quenched.” If the Spirit of God can be quenched, that means that we can put a damper on what God really desires, and he may go to an alternate plan. I think that any good study of God’s will should include some of the Bible verses that provide contrast. Some verses that on the surface seem to contradict each other, in reality only provide the contrast that we need to see a better picture.

Sometimes, neither of our options are what we really want. Sometimes we are between a rock, and a hard place. I think the will of God was really tested the night that Jesus was arrested. He prayed to the Father, “Not my will, but yours be done.” I don’t believe it was any easier for the Father than for the Son, but they went ahead with the plan of their own freewill. The Man of sorrows bearing our sins, and the grieving Father went together (Genesis 22: 6,8) to the hardest work that love has ever done.

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