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If I can show you two impossible things, will you admit that a third thing could exist? The first thing is life. If we stop and think about it, it seems impossible for us to be living. Some scientists try to explain that life evolved from non-living material. Well, where did the matter come from?

Life, like God, is something invisible to us. We can only see the effects of it. Science has not yet been able to determine what life actually is, in spite of countless experiments with living creatures. The book of Genesis may give us a clue. God “breathed” life into the man he had formed from the ground. If God could then fashion a woman from a rib of the man, I don’t see why science would need embryonic stem cells for anything.

Evolutionists believe that an unnamed, non-intelligent force, created life and the material universe. Creationists believe that God is intelligent. If science ever creates life in the laboratory, some will say that it evolved. Creationists will argue that scientists possess intelligence; therefore, it is design.

Revelation 13:15 speaks of life being given to an image. I believe this will happen through science. If God can do it, I don’t see why science, with enough trial and error, couldn’t also.

The second “impossible” thing is the Bible. It is impossible for a book to predict the future, and yet the Bible does so again and again. Scientists cannot explain the Bible, but they don’t have to, as long as they can censor it as effectively as they do today.

Atheistic evolution tries to deny the possibility that God exists, but the best explanation for life and the Bible is that God lives. It is no more impossible for him to exist than it is for either the Bible, or for us.

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